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Guernica in Gernika

Picasso's Warwas named a Book Sense selection of the American Booksellers Association and is available in bookstores throughout North America. It can be purchased from online booksellers as well.

An unabridged audio edition of the book, published by Highbridge, is available on both cassettes and compact discs.

Picasso's War was published by Scribner in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and translated editions have been published in China, Greece, Israel, Japan, and Korea.

The Los Angeles Times says:

Picasso's War is a fetching and well-crafted account of Pablo Picasso's huge and astounding painting Guernica, that has come to symbolize the elemental barbarism of the recently deceased 20th century. . . . Martin deftly weaves the story of the painting into the background of the rise of Fascism and the course of the Spanish war. . . His book is beguiling . . . even in tone, illuminating, deft, indeed a painterly little book."

The Denver Post calls Picasso's War:

"a fascinating and lively read. . . [Martin] tells his story with passion and conviction, bringing alive both the tragedy of the event and the triumph of the art.

Praise from Salt Lake City's Deseret News:

"Russell Martin has created his own masterpiece of literature in Picasso's War, telling the story of the bombing, the historic painting that resulted, Picasso's emotional commitment to the project, the political results for Spain--and what became of the painting in the years since. It is a most unusual and gripping work."

Kirkus Reviews calls Picasso's War:

"an engrossing story of a landmark work of art and the struggle 'to fashion meaning out of unimaginable evil, once more to offer hope'. . . . Imaginative cultural historian Martin, crafts a well-integrated and fascinating account of Picasso’s famous painting and the horrible events that inspired it . . . deftly weaving such multiple disciplines as politics, history, art, science, and even current events into a narrative forming a coherent whole."

Praise from Publishers Weekly:

"Martin meticulously describes the painting's creation and context [and] focuses on the controversies that haunted the canvas for decades. . . . Within this larger narrative, he weaves a memoir of his own trek to visit Guernica, which finally arrived in Spain in the 1980s. The culmination of this thread, when Martin coincidentally views the painting on September 11, 2001, brings the narrative into the contemporary world and highlights Guernica's brutal relevance today."

Book Street USA says:

"Picasso's War is a vital history lesson . . . a harrowing reminder of the horror that swept through Spain before World War II, and a moving but never preachy account of how art best serves politics by serving peace and justice itself."


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